Hereford Cattle

Grazing animals, diverse grasses and healthy soils have co-evolved for millions of years. We set out to mimic this ancient co-evolution, breeding and raising animals which will thrive on 100% pasture. Our cattle are managed using mob grazing techniques where the animals graze a specific area of pasture intensively for a short period of time.

We are breeding animals in the vision of Johann Zietsman to be the most effective grazers of grass. We’re striving to produce a small framed, easily fleshing animal that is well suited to our farm. We believe the ideal seedstock for this purpose is the Traditional Hereford breed. This breed originates from nearby Herefordshire and displays many of the characteristics that we’re looking for in a beef animal. First and foremost, they are producers of delicious beef but they are also hardy, fertile, small framed and have an unmatched ability to convert grass into quality meat.

There is much diversity within the Hereford breed but the Traditional (also known as Original Population) Herefords are noticeable smaller in size than more modern genotypes. It’s a well know fact that Hereford beef is some of the finest in the world which led to much exporting all over the world. These beef animals were particularly popular in the United States where they were crossed with larger North American breeds to produce a larger more commercial carcase size. Once these animals were reimported as larger, higher yielding beasts they fell into favour with farmers and became the modern Hereford used widely today. These animals produce fantastic beef but are less well suited to our farming system and they have been breed larger and commonly require some grain finishing.

Along with a like-minded group of farmers we're selecting the best small framed, easy fleshing, hardy, fertile animals to be the future of grass fed beef production.