The Farm

Paddock Farm is proud to be home to a herd of 100% pasture-fed Hereford cattle, a herd of Tamworth pigs, a flock of super-free-range chickens and a market garden growing no-dig vegetables.

Our farming system incorporates regenerative farming techniques which recognise soil as our most important asset and aims to regenerate soil and ecosystems whilst producing delicious food.

At it’s simplest level, our farm is working on systems to harvest energy from the sun and convert it, through photosynthesis, into plants. These plants are then eaten by our grazing livestock who convert it into nutrient dense meat to nourish our families and customers.

By utilising diverse pastures and herbal lays we are able to work with grazing animals in a symbiotic relationship with natural ecosystems to produce meat that is better for the health of humans, and the planet. Managing and nurturing our soil is the first step in managing and nurturing ecosystems, enabling life to thrive, and healthy nutritious food to be produced.

From healthy soil grows healthy grass and from healthy grass grow healthy animals. We're specifically breeding animals of the right genotype to thrive on pasture, so that we can be part of the solution to environmental and climactic challenges ahead, drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil.

Our aim is not to minimise our environmental impact; we want to maximise our impact as a force for good.

We are proud to supply many of the country’s top chefs with well raised, properly aged, respectfully butchered meat.